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Off The Floor

Off The Floor: Fankick to Pole Sit

This is a gorgeous all-levels pole dance transition that can be completed on the floor or aerially. Here are some tips on how to complete it if you are just starting out and getting to grips with it, and also for those who are more comfortable and who want to sharpen their lines!
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Off The Floor: Sailor Moon

Here is one of my favourite static pole poses! It’s a timeless classic that suits every body and offers a myriad of interesting transitions into and out of. All you need is a solid pull-up crunch! I have 2 covered transitions for getting into this move on static pole, these 2 transitions will help you...
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Off The Floor: Jamilla

This is one of my all-time favourite pole dance moves. It’s super pretty but also quite technical and should not be underestimated! I’ve got a breakdown for how to do this move as a first-time beginner, and also for getting into it up the pole. I will cover how to get into this move on...
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Off The Floor: Chopsticks

This aerial split move is suitable for students at intermediate or above level who have fully mastered their pole sit and can engage their shoulders fully by regularly practicing their pull-up crunches. This move requires active flexibility as well as strategic use of the pelvic tilt to gain more grip on the pole as well...
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