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Introduction, Warm Up & Cool Down

Introduction: WATCH ME before you get started!

Hello friends and pole dance lovers! I am so honoured and excited to be starting this new adventure here on Patreon, yay! Firstly as MASSIVE THANK YOU for your support; you are class! In this quick video I want to take the time to explain some very important points before you get started with my...
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Warm Up

Here is your warm up to get you all lovely and strong and mobile before you start dancing. Please listen to your body as you move through the warm up and do what feels comfortable for you. Here is the playlist that I’m using:
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Cool Down

Here is your cool down stretch, please follow along after you have finished dancing and training. 
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Floorwork Fundamentals: Warm Up For Floorwork

Here is a floorwork specific warm up! It’s also a lovely little mobility routine that you can use if you are feeling stiff and want to move your body in a gentle way to get energy and blood flowing and to ground yourself. Become an IPDA member to access this content. You can either buy...
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